October 2016

  1. Fan Review of Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioners


    See what all the fuss is about. Our mongongo lip conditioners are on sale in our 'Gifts & Offers' category! See what all the fuss is about. Our mongongo lip conditioners are on sale in our 'Gifts and Offers' category!

    Lip Love. A fan of Jersey Shore Cosmetics tells it like it is with our wildly popular Mongongo lip conditioners;

    Quality: excellent; this stuff works. The formula is lightweight; not sticky, or too glossy, making it unisex-friendly. I’ve tried all three varieties: Mandarin Green Orange Ginger, Vanilla Coconut Cream, and Blackberry. The scents are light, not overpowering or flavored. Surprisingly, my favorite is the original, Mandarin Green Orange Ginger, which seems to be slightly more effective for me in terms of healing hydration. I say surprisingly because this is not a scent I would normally be drawn to, and to be honest, the brand isn’t one I would’ve ever thought to try. So how did I discover my current favorite lip balm? This is one of those times where beauty boxes come in handy; the Orange lip balm was included in one of my Ipsy bags a while ago. Normally, I would give something like this away since I wasn’t initially drawn to the packaging or the name of the scent, but thankfully I gave it a try…and it was love at first lip smack, reminding me to never judge before I jury. Since then, I’ve purchased all three and plan to restock regularly!

    Value: good; available in two sizes and three scents: $10 for 0.15oz, $15 for 0.25oz. On the pricier side of chapsticks, but I appreciate the good ingredients and just one swipe of this stuff lasts a long time on my lips. Even after a single application, my lips were noticeably softer and hydrated. Dry patches easily exfoliated away, and my lips stayed hydrated and healed with repeated use.

    Tip: you can find discounted offers through Ipsy or JSC social media from time to time, which I highly recommend taking advantage of since this is a great way to try a few different products at once.

    Overall: excellent; this is better than your standard Chapstick, better than Baby Lips, better than Burt’s Bees or EOS…and from my experience on the higher end: better than Jurlique, Tokyo Milk, Jane Iredale, or Jouer just to name a few. Overall, I hope the brand continues to expand the Mongongo line and highly recommend you treat your lips to this formula. (If they can eventually include SPF to yield the same results, that would be perfection!)

    Available at Jersey Shore Cosmetics (not affiliated link or sponsored post… just a big fan!).

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  2. Kim D and Friends Host Breast Cancer Awareness Girl's Night Out at Allendale Posche Boutique


    Kim D Pink Event Panelist. JSC's Jacquelyn Quattro (third from right) is pictured with panelist [from left] AB La Roche, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Jacqueline Laurita and Kim DePaola, Karolina Dehnhard, Esq., and Event Coordinator Tia Maria Movntemurro.

    Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim Depaola hosted her very first Posche by Kim D and Friends Pink Event: Women Empowerment Series Wednesday night at her Allendale boutique. Guests were treated to light bites, delicious cocktails from MYX Fusions by Nicki Minaj, shopping  and fab giveaways including a Jersey Shore Cosmetics Champagne and Beauty Basket.

    Co-star Jacqueline Laurita came out to lend her support and joined her good friend on a panel to discuss how the ladies overcame obstacles and hardships in their lives. In addition to Jacqueline and Kim, other panelists included lawyer Karolina Dehnhard, event coordinator Tia Maria of Tia Maria Events, and social media specialist AB LaRoche.

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    Gift basket winner. Winner Marni Alongi receives our beautiful Champagne & Beauty gift basket from Jacquelyn Quattro.
  3. Jersey Shore Cosmetics; The Best Lip Balms on the Market..

    mongongo_lifestyle_4-copy_1000 Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner

    Nourishing, 100% natural, certified organic and moisture rich, our Mongongo Lip Conditioners are a hit! If you don't know what all of the hype is about, it's time for you to try them! Take advantage of this Special Offer!.. To date, Jersey Shore Cosmetics has sold more than 1.4 million units of its Mongongo Organic line. Quattro says, “It’s an aroma with essential oil. … I sat in a room, and I came up with a formula, back and forth – maybe 14 times before I got it where I really wanted it – with my children. You are not going to find that scent [elsewhere]. People have attempted to replicate it, and they haven’t even come close.” Her niche product line is notable not only for its quality, but for its safety in a world in which no cosmetics manufacturers are required to submit their ingredients to the FDA. Quattro notes, “We have to be really, really tenacious about advocating for the consumer with clean, healthy cosmetics, with good non-toxic ingredients. That’s what we do at Jersey Shore Cosmetics.” Read more about our company here..

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