1. What's So Special About the Month of November?

    What's So Special About the Month of November?
    Autumn's Last Glimmer: November is the final curtain call for the colorful autumn season. The trees adorned in shades of amber, red, and gold create a picturesque backdrop everywhere you look. The crisp air fills our lungs, and we can't help but savor those last traces of fall before winter arrives.
  2. Everyone Is Welcome Here - Happy Pride Month

    Everyone Is Welcome  Here - Happy Pride Month
    We value diversity and inclusion within our workplace and strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. By embracing and supporting the LGBTQ+ community, we are committed to fostering a culture of respect, acceptance, and equality.
  3. The Real Saint Behind Valentine's Day

    The Real Saint Behind Valentine's Day

    Nowadays, the premise of Valentine’s Day is simple to understand: Feb. 14 is a time to show appreciation for friends, families, significant others and anyone else you might love. Pinpointing the story of its namesake Saint Valentine, however, is more difficult.

    There are multiple legends of Saint Valentine, and different reliquaries in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, England and France all claim to have bones attributed to a Saint Valentine.

    While Catholics believe that Feb. 14 commemorates the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, who was a Roman priest beheaded in the third century, no one can agree on exactly what he did or why he was executed. Some legends say Valentine was a bishop in Terni, Italy, who healed the sick, including the blind daughter of a prison guard whom he met while in jail for practicing Christianity in a pagan world. Some say he was sentenced to death because he tried to convert Emperor Claudius to Christianity. Others say the sentence came because he was caught secretly performing weddings, defying a ban on marriage that had been imposed by the Emperor as a solution to a military recruitment crunch.

    Credit: TIME.


  4. Quattro H2O - Where Hydration Meets Lifestyle

    Quattro H2O - Where Hydration Meets Lifestyle


    Quattro H2O: Because Proper Hydration is a Lifestyle Choice

    When Jersey Shore Cosmetics founder Jacquelyn Foster Quattro’s mother, Grace became the fastest 91-year old on the planet after running 60 meters in under 20 seconds in 2009, her “supplement secret” was simple: clean water and plenty of it.

    Jacquelyn believes that clean water is the essential element for good health and natural beauty from within. That is why she placed her name on these waters which are bottled exclusively for her brand. Quattro H2O Spring waters are lab tested and are among the cleanest spring water in the world.

    The benefits of pure, natural water include weight loss, clearer skin, increased energy, lack of fatigue, and an astounding increase of oxygen levels in the brain of, up to 75%. Nonetheless, access to the perfect hydration for your lifestyle can be elusive.

    Quattro H2O, created from a family legacy of health and wellness as well as Jacquelyn’s founding of Jersey Shore Cosmetics, promotes the aforementioned vitality via not just pure water, but the perfect hydration to meet your unique lifestyle needs. Quattro H2O revitalizing pure spring waters are available in three varieties that are formulated with specific benefits where you will never find sodium, sugar, calories, fluoride, or aftertaste.

    Quattro H2O Spring Water is pure mountain spring water bottled and sourced from hundreds of acres of protected forest. It is triple filtered and bottled at the source.
    Quattro H2O Pure Hydration Spring Water is a classic option that provides unadulterated hydration from pure clean spring water.
    Quattro H2O Pure Energy Enhanced Spring Water contains *100 mg of caffeine (about the same amount as one cup of coffee or two cups of tea) plus electrolytes and is PH balanced. It is ideal for the active individual who needs a quick pick-me-up while remaining hydrated. It's the perfect all natural, safe energy drink.
    Quattro H2O Pure Vitality Enhanced Spring Water is a pure PH balanced mountain spring water with added electrolytes, minerals, magnesium, calcium, potassium which provide the perfect combination for recovery after a workout or need to boost the immune system.

    If you’ve never considered the potential benefits of perfect hydration, now is the time.

    Quattro H2O. Among the Purest in the World.

    *Caffeine spring water is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and children under the age of 12.

    Bottles are BPA-free.


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