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  1. WOWEE! It’s a Great Summer at Jersey Shore Cosmetics!


    You Like Us!  You Really Like Us! We already have more than 22,000 positive reviews for our Mongongo lip conditioners! We are thrilled that you like Mongongo as much as we do…but we kind of thought you would.  How can you not love the way your lips feel so silky-smooth, luscious and hydrated from the second you put it on?! Jersey Shore Cosmetics sources the best, most useful ingredients for its products, and our products are made in the USA!Mongongo oil is particularly fascinating!  It is derived from a fruit (well…some consider it a nut) that has the most amazing hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties and offers a unique protection from UV and environmental pollutants in skin applications. And, as with Jersey Shore's other sun protection products, the Environmental Working Group ( who rates brands, with regard to health risks related to toxins and harmful ingredients in products, has rated this product as a top pick in safe skincare products, beating out many of the "famous brands."Mongongo is responsibly sourced from the Kalahari Desert, which is a harsh, arid and semi-arid environment in southern Africa covering parts of South Africa, Nambia and Botswana.“Kalahari” takes its name from a local Tswana word meaning "the great thirst" so they need some strong skin conditioners to combat that environment, and mother-nature provides it.  In fact, Mongongo oil is used as a body rub by the !Kung bushmen to cleanse and moisturize their skin, and protect it against the harsh desert environment.  They also eat Mongongo as their primary food. And are one of the few peoples of the world whose blood pressure does not increase with age. Although this is unlikely to be entirely due to Mongongo, the predominance of this fruit in their diets suggests a link. So now you know where we get Mongongo… let’s get you some too!


     Ipsy_Mongongo_Reviews Our Mongongo Lip Conditioners have more than 21,000 Positive Reviews!

    Mongongo lip balm is in the Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of July!!!

    Just go to and sign up for your glam bag now….

    Or you can of course just buy direct from us, right here!

    Choose from three flavors:

    • Blackberry Patch
    • Vanilla Coconut Cream
    • Mandarin Green Orange Ginger


    We are holding a contest RIGHT NOW on!

    Prize: Win a 100% natural, skin-smoothing set from Jersey Shore Cosmetics! ($200 value)

    How to Enter: No matter where you’re basking in the summer heat, keep your lips super nourished and hydrated with Jersey Shore Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner. Snap a pic of your soft summer lips and post it to Instagram. Hashtag your photo with #ipsy and #Sweepstakes and #JerseyShoreSummer to qualify.

    Entry Rules: Giveaway runs 07/01 at 12:00 AM PT thru 07/29 at 11:59 PM PT. 18+ resident of U.S. and Canada. Profile must be public.

  2. Jersey Kids Voted Best All Purpose Sunscreen by

    Jersey Kids All Natural Sunscreen is voted #1 by Jersey Kids All Natural Sunscreen is Voted #1 All Purpose Sunscreen by

    Did you know that Jersey Kids All Natural, Petrochemical Sunscreen is voted #1 All Purpose sunscreen by, again this year? Did you know that Jersey Kids is also top rated a best score of 1, by, for having the lowest hazard rate and excellent broad spectrum? Jersey Kids sunscreen is biodegradable, reef friendly and safe for the whole family and safe for the environment.

    Jersey Kids is recommended by top Mom magazines, including Kiwi magazine and Jersey Kids sunscreen is voted the #1 best all purpose sunscreen by, again this year. Jersey Kids is recommended by as having the lowest hazard and excellent broad spectrum protection. Jersey Kids All Natural Sunscreen is safe for babies.

    Check this out... BEST ALL-PURPOSE SUNSCREEN: Jersey Kids All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30 According Dr. Wendy Roberts, a dermatologist in Rancho Mirage, CA, Jersey Kids All Natural All Green Sunscreen, SPF 30 has a high percentage of zinc oxide and a simple ingredient list that make the product very safe. A smooth base, including olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter, helps ensure it goes on evenly. It’s made in the U.S. and it is biodegradable and safe enough to use on the whole family, including babies. EWG RATING: 1, lowest hazard. Read more here..

    Have a happy and safe summer!

  3. Jersey Shore Cosmetics Sunscreens are Top Rated by


    Our sunscreens are all natural, non-toxic and top rated by Jersey Shore Cosmetics sunscreens are all natural, paraben-free, non-toxic and top rated by

    All of Jersey Shore Cosmetics sunscreens are top rated & recommended by The Environmental Working Group. ( All of our sunscreens are 100% natural and organic, paraben-free, petrochemical-free, and cruelty-free.

    Safe & effective.

    Fragrance-free. No hormone disruptors. Non-toxic. No synthetics. No parabens.

    Jersey Shore Cosmetics Sunscreens are Top Rated a Score of 1, by Jersey Shore Cosmetics Sunscreens are Top Rated a Score of 1, by

    Happy Summer!






  4. Rare Cacay Nut is all the Rage in a Jungle Known for Cocaine


    Cacay_nut Rare Cacay nut is said to be the next Anti-aging, beauty fix.

    For decades, if not centuries, the Amazon dwellers of southern Colombia didn’t make too much of the cacay nut. They fed it to their livestock, used it to treat wounds and chopped down its trees for firewood.
    But then, a few years ago, the global jet-setting crowd found out what the yellow-ish oil from the protein-rich nut could do for their skin. And suddenly, the cacay (pronounced kahk-ai) has become a red-hot commodity, providing the key ingredient to anti-aging facial creams that can fetch $200 an ounce in beauty shops in Los Angeles and London.

    While most of the nuts come from wild trees in remote areas, new plantations are popping up in impoverished parts of Colombia that were better known for cocaine and anti-government rebel groups. Vitaliano Ordonez, a farmer who used to give the nuts to his cows, sold eight of the animals to buy 120 saplings. Because only a few are mature enough to produce this year, he’s scavenging every kernel from two old trees on his small dairy farm in Puerto Rico, Colombia, 300 kilometers (190 miles) southeast of Bogota.
    ‘No Waste’
    “I won’t let even one nut go to waste,” said Ordonez, 70. Each apple-sized nut pod contains three seeds, each bigger than an almond. He expects to collect about 60 kilograms (133 pounds) of cacay kernels this year. That may generate as much as 300,000 pesos ($198), or the equivalent of almost half the country’s minimum monthly wage.
    The boom is in part the work of Alberto Jaramillo. While scientists have highlighted the nut’s virtues for more than a decade, it was Jaramillo, the head of Bogota-based Kahai SAS, who found a market for the oil after attending trade shows and hiring a trial study of the oil’s use in skincare. Kahai, which buys nuts from growers and scavengers, including Ordonez, expects to double sales this year.
    Motorcycle Scavengers
    Jaramillo’s Kahai sends workers through the countryside on motorcycles and trucks, sometimes driving more than 250 kilometers to hunt for trees and pick up nuts. During the harvest season from February to April, one mature tree can yield 400 kilos of nuts. Kahai pays 1,000 pesos a kilo for whole nuts, so about 400,000 pesos per tree. He’s also encouraging farmers like Ordonez to plant more trees.
    Native to parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, the cacay nut was long used by indigenous people to treat wounds and light lamps. As those uses faded, trees that reached 40 meters (130 feet) high became appealing targets for loggers. That’s begun to change with the renewed appeal of natural oils as beauty treatments.
    Sales of face oils are rising, sparking new products from cosmetics-maker L’Oreal SA and Procter & Gamble Co.’s Olay brand made of everything from grape and apricot seeds to lavender and marjoram. Beauty-oil sales at retailer Sephora SA tripled in three years.
    Face-Oil Boom
    In the U.S., where high-end facial skincare sales have largely been flat over the past year, face-oil sales surged 24 percent to $42 million, data from NPD Group show. They’ve more than doubled over the past two years.
    The small but growing appeal of cacay in the $465 billion personal-care market has been fueled by the increased popularity of Morocco’s argan oil, which got picked up by hair-care makers such as L’Oréal and Unilever NV, and is now included in 14 percent of new hair treatments, according to market research from Mintel. Cacay contains key ingredients in anti-aging products, including antioxidants and retinoids, according to Kahai.
    ‘New Wave’
    “It’s going to be the new little wave,” said Jamie Sherrill, who uses cacay in some of the Nurse Jamie skincare products she sells at her Santa Monica spa. “I was always a fan of retinol and argan oil, and we were initially searching for ways to improve on these two ingredients.”
    Sherrill, who appeared with socialite Paris Hilton on the reality show “The Simple Life,” offers 1-ounce “facial elixir” with cacay for $198 and a men’s shaving oil version. A three-item set of anti-aging products with cacay retails for 1,060 pounds ($1,555) at Harrods department store in London.
    The venture isn’t without risk for Kahai and small growers. While plant oils are hot now, cosmetics fads often change, and there is lots of competition from other plant oils.
    “It’s more expensive than a lot of your regular oils,” said Judi Beerling, a research manager at the London-based consulting firm Organic Monitor. “As more becomes available, obviously the prices will become less of an issue.’
    Jaramillo said some companies are holding off on using cacay because there isn’t enough stable supply. It could take another three years, he said.

    Credit: BloombergBusiness

    Jersey Shore Cosmetics may be formulating new, Cacay Face Oil and Cacay Body Oil products, using pure Cacay nut oil, in the future.  Jersey Shore Cosmetics, Cacay face and body oil products are expected to launch in the Fall of 2016. When formulated, Jersey Shore Cosmetics Cacay nut formulations will be 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan.

  5. Sun Smart with Jersey Shore Cosmetics Top Rated Sunscreens

    Makeup Maven, Michele Phan demonstrates Jersey Shore Sun® Sans Tan, all natural sunscreen in her Graduation video. Makeup Maven, Michele Phan demonstrates Jersey Shore Sun® Anti-aging Sans Tan, all natural sunscreen in her Graduation video. 2013

    Jersey Shore Cosmetics sunscreens are top rated and recommended by, Skin Deep recommended list of safe sunscreens. Included in the top rated sunscreens at, are  Jersey Kids, All Natural Sunscreen, Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan Anti-aging sunscreen and Jersey Shore Cosmetics Anti-aging Mineral Sunscreen stick. Jersey Shore cosmetics sunscreens are the smart choice when choosing safe sunscreens for you and your family. All of Jersey Shore Cosmetics rated products have a top score of 0-1, reflecting zero toxins in all of our natural formulas. Until recently, the full dangers of unprotected sun exposure were not known. Now, we know how hazardous it can be spend too much time in the sun without the proper protection. One of the biggest dangers of too much sun exposure is skin cancer. The sun’s rays contain destructive UV light, which penetrate the top layers of skin, damaging cells in the under layers and creating the right environment for cancer to develop. All of Jersey Shore Cosmetics sunscreens have UVA/UVB tested, broad spectrum protection.

    Overtime, as more and more cells are damaged, not only does the skin begin to look wrinkled and aged, it also begins to break down. Nothing on earth can break down collagen and elastin in the skin like UV light.

    It was once believed that “getting some sun” was good for a person, and people would spend hours walking outdoors or at the beach, soaking up the rays. This led to a surge of skin cancer reports, especially among women who would suntan for cosmetic purposes.

    In order to combat this growing trend, companies began developing sunscreen, which could be applied topically to the skin to protect it from the sun. While this was an important step forward, it introduced another danger into our environment. Many sunscreens are formulated with harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors which can often be as dangerous to our bodies as the sun’s rays. Just as it is important to protect our bodies from the sun, it is vital that we shield ourselves from these unsafe chemicals and ingredients.

    The solution, however, is not to go without sunscreen. Instead, the solution is to find an all-natural sunscreen that contains only all natural and organic ingredients, that has been tested and approved by organizations like The Environmental Working Group, ( Healthy, ( PETA and, who are devoted to helping to bring only the safest, most effective products to the market. First and foremost, we recommend light, protective clothing and accessories.

    Of the few sunscreens that has been approved by The Environmental Working Group (, PETA, and, Jersey Kids All Natural, Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan Anti-aging and Jersey Shore cosmetics mineral sunscreens tops the lists. Jersey Kids sunscreen is organic, vegan, petrochemical-free, and even safe for babies under six months old. voted Jersey Kids, as the #1 All Purpose sunscreen, while at the same time, Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan was topping PETA’s 2013 “Summer Must Haves” list.

    Jersey Shore Sun, Sans Tan sunscreen is as effective as Jersey Kids, but with the added benefit for being an anti-aging sunscreen with added vitamin D. Formulated with only all natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients, our sunscreens are of the few sunscreens on the shelves that are marketed as all-natural and actually is all-natural, without petrochemicals, hormone disruptors, or toxins.

    All Jersey Shore Cosmetics sunscreens are formulated using only 100% natural, organic and Non-GMO ingredients and have UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection.

    Jersey Shore Cosmetics donates to various cancer organizations, cancer centers and cancer foundations.

    Sans Tan Travel Size and JSC sunscreen stick minis are great for travel, Golf course or the Tennis court!

    Happy, Safe Summer!

  6. YouTube star Michelle Phan's Ipsy Glam Bags hits 1M paid subscribers

    Jersey Shore Cosmetics congratulates Michelle Phan and Ipsy on reaching 1 M paid subscribers for their subscription glam bag!

    YouTube star Michelle Phan's Ipsy startup hits 1M paid members.

    The Internet makeup guru's service, which mails pouches of beauty samples to $10-a-month subscribers, will ship a milestone 1 million of the "glam bags" next month.

    Makeup Maven, Michele Phan demonstrates Jersey Shore Sun® Sans Tan, all natural sunscreen in her Graduation video. Makeup Maven, Michele Phan demonstrates Jersey Shore Sun® Sans Tan, all natural sunscreen in her Graduation video last Summer. Look for more JSC products in ipsy's "glam bags", in the coming months!

    Ipsy, the beauty-sample startup of YouTube star Michelle Phan, isn't itsy anymore.

    Next month, Ipsy will mail 1 million so-called glam bags, Phan said in an interview. The bags, which include large samples of beauty products tailored to a recipient's tastes, are the main draw for subscribers of the $10-a-month service.

    Jersey Shore Cosmetics is a proud brand partner with ipsy's subscription Glam bags. Look for our quality products in Ipsy's subscription Glam Bags this Summer!

    Phan is one of the best-known figures to spring from a class of YouTube celebrities: people who get their start posting self-made videos on Google's massive video site and who generate enough of a following to evolve into multifaceted brands. In Phan's case, her brand includes her mainstay online video beauty tutorials, a L'Oreal makeup line, a book of cosmetics tips, a spokesperson gig with Lancome and a music label, in addition to Ipsy.

    Read more here.. Credit: CNet



  7. Bad news: Punxsutawney Phil just predicted six more weeks of winter.

    See how your personal care products rate in EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. Bad news: Punxsutawney Phil just predicted six more weeks of winter. If you’re anything like me, that means six more weeks of slathering on moisturizer, lip balm and lotion while wishing for warmer days – and less dry skin! The trouble is, chemicals with strong links to cancer and endocrine disruption – think parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde – are in many of the personal care products we use every day. ewg_logo_horz_1_als That’s why there’s no better time to check out EWG’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database! With more than 71,000 products, Skin Deep® is the world's largest safety guide to personal care products. So go ahead, look up your favorite moisturizers, shampoos, toothpastes and more to see how they score! Click here to check out Skin Deep® today! See how the products you use every day score. In 2014 alone, EWG’s research team added more than 1,100 new personal care products to our game-changing cosmetics database. And that’s a good thing, because the average American is exposed to 126 cosmetics ingredients every day – and none of them are required to be tested for safety before they’re sold in the marketplace. Big corporations don’t tell you this. And the government doesn’t demand it. EWG’s Skin Deep® is the only place where you can find out what’s really going on your skin and into your body. Skin Deep®’s easy-to-use rating system helps you make safer, healthier product choices. A low rating means lower hazard concern; higher-scoring products should be avoided.
    With EWG’s Skin Deep®, you can make safer, healthier choices about the products you use every day.  Sincerely, Renee Sharp Director of Research, Environmental Working Group Contribute Follow us on Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest Instagram  
  8. Winter Sun Protection

    Use Jersey Shore Cosmetics New Physical sunscreen stick during Winter months. Use Jersey Shore Cosmetics New, Anti-aging Mineral Sunscreen Stick during harsh Winter weather. Our sunscreen minis fit in your pocket!
    Winter Sun Protection We all know sun protection is important in the summer — but have you considered that sun exposure can do just as much damage in the winter months? It’s true. Not only is UV radiation still a threat in winter, but also, winter conditions like snow can make things worse. According to The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity, snow can reflect the sun’s UV rays by up to 80 percent. Add to this the greater risks that come from skiing at high altitudes, where UV radiation increases, and winter can bring about just as much damage as summer days at the beach! Considering how damaging the sun can be to skin even in the colder months, what can you do this Winter to protect yourself? To help answer that question, here’s a look at key tips to keep in mind this season: 1. Use Sunscreen: According to research cited at The Skin Cancer Foundation, daily sunscreen can reduce skin aging in adults under the age of 55. What’s more, people who use sunscreen daily show 24 percent less skin aging than those who don’t. The only problem? A lot of mainstream sunscreens on the market today are filled with harmful chemicals and toxins that can end up being even more damaging than the sun’s rays. That’s why it’s best to use an all-natural product like Jersey Shore Cosmetics' Anti-Aging Mineral Sunscreen, which is a new, natural sunscreen stick with  The Environmental Working Group ( highest score of "0" zero toxins. Jersey Shore Cosmetics physical sunscreens are all natural, moisturizing and great for harsh Winter conditions. Carry these new  sunscreen miniatures on the slopes or when traveling for quick touch ups any time.

    All Jersey Shore Cosmetics physical sunscreens are 100% natural and petrochemical-free.

    "Physical blockers provide better broad spectrum coverage as compared to chemical-based sunscreen which are usually either UVB or UVA blockers, Physical sunscreens also work for a longer period of time giving longer coverage requiring less re-application. They are also less irritating than chemical blockers."

    Top Rated and recommended by

    2. Protect Your Lips: Your lips are some of the most sensitive parts of your body, and yet they’re often one of the most missed, in terms of sun protection. When applying sunscreen, always include your lips. You can finish with a moisture rich lip conditioner like Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo lip conditioners for long lasting moisture. Mongongo oil contains nutrients and natural UV blockers, so it’s a great product to add to your sun care routine.

    3. Apply Protection Often: As Dana Oliver suggests at The Huffington Post, “beware of sunscreen’s archenemy: sweat.” The sunscreen and lip balm you apply this morning can easily be sweated off in a few hours. Plan to keep reapplying to any exposed areas throughout the day. 4. Cover Up: Dressing with layers is important for more than body heat; covering your body with clothes also insulates it from sun damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends covering your head, wearing items like ski masks and always wearing sunglasses or goggles when skiing. 5. Seek Out Shade: It’s common sense to look for shade when you’re feeling overheated by a summer pool, but actually, seeking out shade can be just as important in the high sun of winter afternoons. Seating areas that have umbrellas, pathways with overhead covers and parks with shade structures are all good options for getting some protection from the harshest rays. 6. Pay Attention to the Time of Day: Just like in summer, the mid-day hours see the highest levels of UV radiation, so try to ski, snowboard, etc., earlier or later in the day. This lowers your level of exposure to the most powerful UV rays and still allows you to enjoy the season. Even when the temperatures are lower and you never go outside without a coat and gloves, you can still face potential skin damage from the sun. Use the tips above to know where to get started with protecting yourself throughout the winter — so you’ll be able to make the most of the season without worry. Be prepared for Winter sun protection, with Jersey Shore Cosmetics travel size all natural sunscreen minis. About the author: Jeff Caldwell is Brand Manager of Superior Shade ( in Carrollton, GA. Superior Shade’s shade structures provide protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. We provide custom products to find the best fit for your outdoor space.
  9. Get Glowing! .. Anti-aging Hyaluronic Face & Neck Cream and Serum

    Moisture Intense Hyaluronic Treatment. Jersey Shore Spa Moisture Intense Hyaluronic Treatment Products are Superior.

    Introducing Jersey Shore SPA Moisture Intense Hyaluronic Face & Neck Cream and Hydrating Serum. Our hyaluronic face & neck cream and serum is formulated using the highest concentration of Hyaluronic acid for the maximum benefits of firming and hydrating your skin for a healthy glow and youthful radiance.

    Jersey Shore SPA Hyaluronic serum is formulated using 80% hyaluronic acid, along with the powerful antioxidants in squalane for added moisture, CoQ-10 and vitamin C. There are no artificial colors, fragrance or alcohol in our treatment products unlike many in the marketplace. Jersey Shore SPA superior hyaluronic serum uses grapefruit seed extract as a natural preservative. There are no synthetic preservatives in our formulations.


    Our HA serum completely absorbs, leaving a delicate, firming veil which smooths fine lines and wrinkles and also traps moisture which leaves you with a youthful, radiant glow!

    Many other serums have water as the first ingredient and very little hyaluronic acid in the product. Some others contain artificial colors, fragrances and dyes. Read your labels and rest assured that you are getting what you pay for.


    Apply Moisture Intense Hyaluronic Face and Neck Cream and feel the glow!

    These two products, when used together, will leave your skin silky smooth, with a youthful radiance. Our Hyaluronic Face & Neck Cream is paraben-free, phthalate-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. It is formulated with 30% hyaluronic acid with the added anti-aging benefits of seaweed extract, pomegranate, grape seed extract, marigold extract and vitamin C. There are no artificial colors, dyes, alcohol or fragrance in our treatment products like many in the marketplace, yet, our products are extremely effective.


    An abundance of hyaluronic acid and natural, anti-aging ingredients in Jersey Shore Spa treatment products, plays a crucial role in anti-aging skincare.

    Jersey Shore Spa hyaluronic treatment products nourishes, firms and hydrates, leaving skin with  youthful radiance, tone and elasticity. Enjoy beautiful, healthy skin with a youthful glow!

    Use these all natural, hyaluronic treatment products day and evening for best results.


    Enjoy 25% off of Jersey Shore Spa and Get Glowing! .. Use code: "Superior" at checkout.

    Coupon code includes free shipping!

    Happy Winter!


  10. Prepare Your Skin for Cooler Weather

    JSC_Lip_hand_Trio To some, cooler weather means dry, flaky skin and chapped lips cheeks and noses. It is best to manage dry skin and other skin conditions by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet along with proper hydration. By hydration, we mean drinking plenty of clean water [read your water bottle labels] as well hydrating your skin topically with good quality, non-toxic, natural products. Dampening your skin before applying moisturizing products helps to trap moisture and will keep your skin soft and hydrated longer. Try it on one hand and compare the difference. To remove dry, flaky, old skin cells, use Jersey Shore Spa Anti-aging All Natural Lip and Hand Polish  Jersey Shore SPA Lip and Hand polish exfoliates dead flaky skin, leaving new skin refined and hydrated. Dampen skin and massage the exfoliating, nutrient dense polish in a gentle circular motion, improving circulation and lifting off old, dead skin cells. Lips and hands feel silky, smooth, nourished and hydrated. May be used on other parts of the body as well. The best quality, all natural ingredients. Use before applying any of your favorite lip and hand products for noticeably smoother application and softer moisturized, younger looking skin. Anti-aging lip and hand polish is made with all natural flavors, anti-aging vitamin E and nutrient dense oils, butters and plant extracts. It tastes, smells and feels so good, because there are no toxic petrochemicals or artificial ingredients. Available in Natural Vanilla Bean and Strawberry. Follow your exfoliating lip and hand polish routine with our Nutrient Dense Anti-aging Hand Cream  Jersey Shore Spa hand cream contains the added benefits of anti-aging Sea Buckthorn Extract, which helps to combat wrinkles, dryness and premature aging. Raspberry seed oil which is a strong anti-oxidant packed with vitamins, offers a natural element of natural sun protection from UV-A and UV-B Rays and has anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, helps to slow down processes that damage cells. Enjoy the benefit of smoother, younger looking hands. All Natural. Vegan. Lightly scented with Vanilla Absolute which has a deep, rich, warm vanilla aroma and is known to have antioxidant and humectant properties. The essential oil of vanilla soothes the body as an aromatherapy as well as soothes all types of inflammation and protects the body from free radicals.  Jersey Shore Nutrient Dense Anti-aging hand cream; the benefits of anti- aging, moisturizing and lasting hydration. Don't forget to follow your Anti-aging lip polish, exfoliating treatment with Jersey Shore Cosmetics Nutrient Dense Balms in four, new delicious scents! Coming this Fall, these new balms are nourishing, hydrating and gentle enough to use on all parts of the face and body. Though recommended for lips, cheeks and even a chapped noses, our nutrient dense balms may be massaged onto rough dry skin such as heels and elbows. Dampening these areas first, traps the moisture allowing for longer hydration. For healthy, smooth, soft and hydrated skin, polish and moisturize with Jersey Shore Spa, all natural products. Anti-aging because they contain no petrochemicals and no toxic or questionable ingredients. Only good things. You can pronounce what is written on our labels. Thank you for choosing Jersey Shore Cosmetics! "Like Us here.." Happy New Year! Happy Winter season!